United Power Unit

5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15 Zones are standard 


PLC / PB – The 5 and 6 zone systems have the option for push button or PLC controls. Both versions have the same ability; however, the plc has a touch screen with additional monitoring features.   


Engine Skid – Based on the zones, different power sources are available to power the unified lifting skid. Some of these include a 22 HP Kubota diesel engine, 20 HP electric motor, 26 HP Honda gas engine, and a 70 HP Kubota diesel engine.
Remote – All unified systems come  
with a remote control which allow the user to start, stop, or control throttle speed of the motor from inside the bin.
Unified – Our unified system provided an equal volume of oil to each zone regardless of pressure differences between the zones. The jacks can be preloaded to the optimal pressure before raising the bin in the unified mode. Lifting a grainbin level has never been so easy.